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    Employment Statistics

    March Jobs Numbers: Back on Track

    The U.S. economy bounced back following a weak start to the year: job growth was 196,000 in March, which was in line with the 2018 average monthly gain of 204,000 jobs. The revised gain for February was 33,000 jobs putting the year-to-date growth at 541,000. In the first three months of 2018, job growth was 683,000. Thus, the current trend shows a deceleration in growth that many had forecasted. Still, many had worried that the economy was slowing. The March numbers assuaged those fears quite a bit: the six-month moving average gain increased to 207,000 jobs, from 192,000 last month.

    REIS’ Senior Economist Barbara Byrne Denham reports on the March employment statistics for commercial real estate.

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    National Apartment Trends

    Reis’s provides updated commentary on National Apartment market performance in the fourth quarter of 2018.


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    Trending Reports

    Rent Trends

    Apartment Top & Bottom Markets

    Apartment market effective rent growth rankings, updated for Q4.

    Top 5

    • Phoenix (8.2%)
    • Las Vegas (7.2%)
    • Atlanta (6.9%)
    • Tacoma (6.7%)
    • Charlotte (6.5%)
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    Office Market Trends Report

    Rent Trends

    Office Top & Bottom Markets

    Office market effective rent growth rankings, updated for Q4.

    Top 5

    • San Jose (6.0%)
    • Denver (4.1%)
    • Memphis (3.9%)
    • Seattle (3.9%)
    • San Francisco (3.9%)
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    Rent Trends

    Retail Top & Bottom Markets

    Retail market effective rent growth rankings, updated for Q4.

    Top 5

    • Orlando (4.8%)
    • Charleston (3.9%)
    • San Jose (3.7%)
    • Tacoma (3.7%)
    • Cincinnati (3.3%)
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    Rent Trends

    Warehouse/Distribution Top & Bottom Markets

    Industrial market effective rent growth rankings, updated for Q4.

    Top 5

    • Jacksonville (6.5%)
    • Sacramento (5.7%)
    • Kansas City (5.3%)
    • Chicago (5.0%)
    • Cincinnati (4.9%)
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