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    Measuring the Effect of WeWork

    A Pebble Cast Into A Pond: Measuring the Effect of WeWork on Nearby Property Performance

    WeWork’s growing presence in several major cities prompts questions about its effect on neighborhoods. WeWork itself claims a 1.4 to 1.8x increase in economic activity once it enters a market. In this paper, we examine WeWork’s effect on the performance of nearby commercial properties. While the entry of WeWork does not generate any measurable monotonic trend break in rent and occupancy patterns once we control for other factors, there is evidence that WeWork prompts convergence in rent levels and rent growths.

    Download the full analysis to see our results.

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    Measuring the Effect of WeWork

    Chief Economist Victor Calanog, PhD and Economic Associate Keegan Kelly discusses Moody’s Analytics REIS’ most recent analysis measuring the effect of WeWork on nearby properties.


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    Rent Trends

    Apartment Preliminary Trends

    Preliminary Q3 2019 results for the national apartment sector.

    Top 5

    • Phoenix (+6.9%)
    • Charlotte (+6.8%)
    • Miami (+6.6%)
    • Colorado Springs (+6.4%)
    • Raleigh-Durham (+6.0%)
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    Rent Trends

    Office Preliminary Trends

    Preliminary Q3 2019 results for the national office sector.

    Top 5

    • Austin (+4.8%)
    • Los Angeles (+4.5%)
    • Seattle (+4.4%)
    • Raleigh-Durham (+4.3%)
    • Tampa-St. Petersburg (+4.0%)
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    Rent Trends

    Retail Preliminary Trends

    Preliminary Q3 2019 results for the national retail sector.

    Top 5

    • Nashville (+3.8%)
    • Raleigh-Durham (+3.0%)
    • Houston (+2.9%)
    • Orlando (+2.8%)
    • Greenville (+2.6%)
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