Clients: Commercial real estate professionals rely on Reis Subscriber Edition (Reis SE) to support their critical investment decisions. Whether the task is to conduct market research, underwrite a loan or equity investment, perform due diligence, or monitor a portfolio, Reis SE is the industry standard for investors and service providers in search of superior results.

Metros and Submarkets: On a quarterly basis, Reis provides updated trends and forecasts of rent, vacancy, and inventory for Apartment, Office, Retail, Warehouse/ Distribution, Flex/R&D and Self Storage properties in up to 275 metropolitan areas and more than 6,300 markets and segments.

Research Methodology: Reis's trends and forecasts are developed from property-level data collected by our team of real estate analysts during telephone interviews with building owners and managers.

Monitoring Construction Activity: Reis also maintains a staff of analysts devoted to the discovery and monitoring of new construction activity from the proposal stages through completion.

Monitoring Property Sales: Another dedicated research team captures property sales above $250,000 for the five main sectors and for hotels, recording relevant information, such as sale prices, financing terms, and cap rates.

Web-based Delivery: All of Reis's daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly updates are instantly accessible from any web browser, supporting our clients' critical decisions with accurate, actionable market information.


The Industry Standard: For over two decades, the nation's leading institutional lenders and equity investors have relied on Reis. In the last two years alone, Reis SE has delivered more than one million market reports to real estate professionals. Most reports are available in both presentation (PDF) and spreadsheet (XLS) formats.

Proactive Notification: Reis SE's Email Alerts feature shifts the burden of market monitoring from clients to Reis. Clients may elect to be notified of new projects coming on line, sales transactions, and market reports pertaining to particular metros or property types.

Single-source Efficiency: In an industry characterized by closely-held, fragmented, and sometimes biased information, we offer an impartial perspective supported by a standardized, transparent methodology applied consistently across all Reis markets. Reis SE dramatically reduces research and data gathering costs.

Economic Analysis: Reis's widely respected economists analyze the impact of economic and demographic trends on the regional and local demand for commercial real estate, developing multi-year baseline forecasts of rent growth, vacancy rate, new construction, and absorption. The baseline forecasts are supplemented by two additional Downside Market Scenarios that apply the effects of moderate and more severe economic downturns to commercial real estate performance at the market and submarket level. Reis's economists also conduct Quarterly Market Briefings for clients and the media, and are routinely cited in the business press.

Commentary and Analysis: Reis analysts provide written commentary and analysis to help explain quarterly findings. Long form Reis Observers are comprehensive overviews of local markets published on a rolling schedule throughout the quarter. Reis's Executive Market Summaries, published simultaneously with each quarterly data release, take the form of information-packed stories that, in the short time it takes to read them, help our subscribers master market conditions for any metropolitan area.