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Our Research and Analytics

Reis Data Powers the Commercial Real Estate Industry

At every stage of the commercial real estate transaction lifecycle, and for every job function within the industry, Reis brings deal flow efficiency and transparency, guiding all parties to a common understanding of market conditions and, ultimately, property valuations.


The Reis Database

Underlying all of Reis’s analytical modules and reports is the nation’s most carefully developed, most diligently maintained commercial real estate database—a database in which properties are precisely categorized into subtypes most relevant to investors, plotted into logical submarkets, and rolled up to support clean, reliable trends and forecasts.

On an ongoing basis, Reis’s analysts survey property owners and managers to record key performance indicators, such as vacancy levels, rental rates, and concession package details. Reis's dynamic property-level updates allow refreshed data to flow through to rent comparables reports in real time. However, unlike other commercial real estate research services that tout their reliance upon online apartment listings services' advertisements as the basis for their "real time" data alterations, Reis subjects its real time updates to time-tested quality control procedures. In addition, to ensure full coverage of sales transactions and new construction projects, we scour public filings, such as tax assessor records, deed transfers, and numerous local, regional and national publications.

Quality Assurance

All findings are subjected to rigorous quality assurance and validation processes developed over many years. For example, if a survey at the property level reveals an unusual change in rent or vacancy since we last spoke to the owner or manager, follow-up procedures are performed to verify or correct results before publication. All aggregate market data at the submarket and market levels are also subjected to comprehensive quality controls.

A Trusted Source

Reis provides a curated view of the commercial real estate markets.  Our rigorous, uniformly applied research methodology, relentless product development, and top-notch customer service have made Reis the industry standard source, trusted by the nation's most respected financial institutions to provide accurate information on properties, submarkets, and metros.

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