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The Nation's First Comprehensive
Coverage of the LIHTC Market

Understanding the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Market

More than $75 billion has been invested in LIHTC over the past 30 years, and economic and demographic projections suggest that strong demand for LIHTC units will persist as market rate housing costs continue outpacing income growth. Yet, until Reis’s launch of LIHTC market coverage in 2016, investors, lenders, and developers had to base their LIHTC performance expectations on word of mouth, conclusions drawn from limited databases containing only their own firm’s prior deals, and inferences drawn from the performance of market rate multifamily properties. Now these same individuals and institutions can rely upon Reis to provide a broad set of standardized data and reports that will usher all participants in a deal toward a common understanding of market, submarket, and property level performance dynamics.

Our decades of experience in data collection, quality assurance, and the production of reports illuminating various multifamily investment vehicles has made Reis uniquely qualified to serve the LIHTC market. Interdependent factors influencing the sector, such as public housing policies and county-level economic and demographic trends, place it beyond the reach of other data providers.

For each major market, Reis offers metro and submarket reports.

At the property level, Reis offers a suite of integrated rent, sales, and new construction comps.

  • Our property survey team collects rental rates, vacancy information, market rate B/C rents and vacancies for comparison, floor plan details by AMI, and property characteristics including unit designations, building subsidies and amenities.
  • Our sales comps analysts gather all of the information that is critical to understanding a sale including sale price, closing date, buyer, seller, cap rates and more.
  • Our supply-side team tracks planned, proposed, under construction and recently completed projects to gauge the potential impact of new supply on the existing stock.

As a suite, the metro and submarket reports, with the integrated comps, provide a comprehensive view of the market, and a particular property's competitive position.

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