What is Piracy of Reis?

Piracy of Reis means using our service without a license to do so, enabling or trying to enable a third party who is not authorized to use our service to use our service, or exceeding the scope of the uses permitted you under a license agreement between you and Reis.

A good rule of thumb is that if you would feel uncomfortable calling Reis to ask for your own ID and password, you shouldn’t be using Reis. Piracy often begins small, but can quickly rack up heavy damages. Following are some of the most common scenarios that Reis’s Compliance Group encounters. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

  • An employee of a firm with a legitimate subscription to Reis gets a new job in commercial real estate with a firm that does not subscribe to Reis. When, inevitably, the need for Reis’s trusted information and research arises, he or she tries the old user name and password. It can be embarrassing for the user when Reis contacts the licensed firm to inquire about employment status, and when Reis contacts the new employer to collect the full retail value of the stolen information.
  • A licensed Reis user, working on a transaction involving a firm that does not subscribe to Reis, “loans” his or her Reis credentials to a counterpart at the non-subscribing firm. What may at first seem to be an act of professional collegiality may quickly lead to heavy use at an unlicensed firm, depriving Reis of the subscription fee that the firm should be paying. In this case, the source firm’s contract is rendered out of compliance, and the borrowing user and non-subscribing firm are liable for the full retail value of the stolen information.
  • A licensed Reis user “loans” his or her user name and password to a friend also working in commercial real estate, but at a non-subscribing firm. Reis’s licensing agreement does not cover former colleagues, classmates, friends, significant others, or family members. Here again, the investigation can result in professional and financial complications for those who are sharing and borrowing Reis user names and passwords.
  • One or more users at a firm that subscribes to Reis decide to “share” user names and passwords with an affiliated firm or a parent company that does not subscribe to Reis and is not covered by the subscribing firm’s license agreement. Reis’s licensing agreement with a firm does not cover parent companies, sibling companies within the same ownership umbrella, franchisees, divisions or firms associated by any other manner of corporate affiliation. Corporate relationships have no bearing on Reis’s license agreement, which is strictly limited to the entities spelled out in the contract.
  • A consultant working for a firm that subscribes to Reis obtains a user name and password under that firm’s license, but then uses it to perform consulting work at other firms, relieving them of the necessity to subscribe to Reis, and thus depriving Reis of rightful subscription fees.
  • In violation of the licensing agreement, a subscribing firm creates their own internal database or platform for distributing Reis information and services, thus artificially suppressing usage by circumventing the use of our products.
  • A firm licensed to access Reis data makes it substantially publicly available. This is prohibited whether or not the firm presents the data as the product of its own labor, or whether Reis is cited as a source, and even if the data is behind a login and password. Reis Subscriber Edition is the only legitimate distribution platform for Reis data. Reis offers separate, clearly defined, redistribution agreements to select clients.
  • A firm cancels its contract, but fails to destroy all Reis data on desktops and networks throughout the firm, as is specifically required by the Reis license agreement.


Know of Piracy? Report it!
To support your commercial real estate information and research needs, you play fair by subscribing to Reis. Why should your competitors get it for free? Report piracy by calling Reis at 212-901-1920 or by emailing compliance@reis.com.