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Are you ready for CECL?


U.S. regulators, top accounting firms, and leading financial institutions already use Reis's commercial real estate data for valuation and forecasting purposes.

Reis can assist organizations of any size and complexity with a host of solutions built on a foundation of almost 40 years of unrivaled commercial real estate market data and insights:

  • Data: Leverage long-term historical trends and forecasts of property fundamentals across hundreds of metropolitan markets and thousands of submarkets, whether you are developing your own models or supplementing existing data sets.
  • Models: Reis calculates the lifetime expected loss using a PD/LGD model, and provides data and models to support alternative expected loss approaches, such as DCF, Loss Rate, and more.
  • Solutions: Create an auditable, repeatable, and consistent process with our products.


Reis's modular CECL approach gives you the ability to:

  • Accelerate CECL compliance efforts
  • Reduce compliance costs
  • Limit the impact on capital ratios

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