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      Comprehensive Research on Markets and Submarkets Throughout the U.S.

      Reis provides trends and forecasts of rent, vacancy, and inventory for Apartment, Office, Retail, Warehouse/Distribution, Flex/R&D, Self Storage, Seniors Housing, Student Housing, and Affordable Housing properties in all major metropolitan areas, and their distinct submarkets.  We develop trends and forecasts from property-level data collected by our team of real estate analysts during telephone interviews with building owners and managers.


      Metro Reports

      Reliable historical trends and forecasts are the cornerstone of any accurate market analysis. There is no quicker way to get a detailed picture of current and projected metro market conditions than by reviewing our metro market report. 

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      Submarket Reports

      Because metro averages often conceal significant variations in performance from neighborhood  to neighborhood, Reis also offers submarket reports for all major metros and property types.  Submarket boundaries are hand drawn, based on research of natural and man-made features, such as rivers and roads, economic boundaries, and long-term observations of clustered property performance.  

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      Executive Briefings

      For every market and submarket across the five primary property types, we offer market and submarket write-ups, describing current supply and demand conditions within the context of the market or submarket’s long-term history and forecast. The reports are similar to what an analyst would produce for senior staff consumption, or for inclusion in a packet destined for a loan committee, a potential prospect, or for investors. Metrics analyzed include metro composition, submarket distribution, asking rent, effective rent, vacancy, inventory levels, new construction, household formations, and employment growth.

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      Reis Observer

      The Reis Observer is a long-form quarterly report for all of our primary markets. Reis Observer writers vigilantly monitor the local business press and cross-check our primary research against the statistics and perspectives of local brokers, developers, and other land use professionals. It provides a complete view of the market, including differing perspectives, which saves our clients weeks of research. 

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      Our commercial real estate market information is available online, whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you’re interested in national access or a single local market, one property type or many, we offer flexible subscription options to fit your needs and budget.

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