A fundamental transaction-support tool, Reis's rent comp reports help investors assess the performance of a property versus its peers. Users specify the location and physical characteristics of a subject property, and Reis supplies property level performance data for competitive buildings in the area. The resulting report returns property-level rents and vacancies, as well as comp group summary statistics, including concessions, operating expenses, and lease terms.


The Construction Comps tool allows a user to identify planned, proposed, and under construction projects within user-specified parameters, such as geographical radius, project size, and expected completion date. New projects, and adjustments to existing projects, are discovered and published weekly.

Construction Comparison


We track and research the latest transactions, collecting information that is critical to understanding the sale, such as price, closing date, buyer, seller, cap rates, and, where available, financing terms. Clients are able to search the sales comps database to identify transactions that are relevant to their investment decisions.

Sales Comparison