Higher Education, Student Housing, and the Local Community

Analysis by Thomas LaSalvia et al.

As students begin another year of college, many are partaking in a learning style that they didn’t sign up for (online), in a place they didn’t want to be (home). As of August 28, more than 400 colleges and universities have announced a “primarily online” or “fully online” fall semester, with many institutions going a step further and requiring students, faculty, and staff to remain completely away from campus.

The immediate demand-side shock to the student housing sector may be substantial, and spillover effects into the multifamily, retail, and lodging areas are quite probable. In this paper, we discuss the geography and magnitude of the coronavirus’s impact on student housing and the broad commercial real estate (CRE) market.

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Thomas P LaSalvia, PhD ® is a Senior Economist in the research and economics department at Moody’s Analytics REIS.


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