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Data Files for IPRE and ADC Model Development

Harness Data Files Unavailable Anywhere Else

Develop or enhance IPRE and ADC models with Reis's proprietary space and capital markets data. Leverage long-term historical trends and forecasts of supply, demand, rent, cap rates, NOI growth and property value growth across hundreds of metropolitan markets and thousands of submarkets in IPRE modeling.

The need for empirically driven approaches to forecasting risk in construction and bridge lending has never been greater, yet, the lack of data to develop more rigorous risk models has hindered development of these models until now. 

By tracking projects through their proposed, planning, construction and completion phases, then monitoring those properties rent and vacancy levels through stabilization and beyond, Reis has created a unique, proprietary database of tens of thousands of project specific construction and stabilization performance records.

Reis offers the following proprietary data sets:
  • Property Level Lease-Up/Stabilization Time Series Data:
    Post-certificate of occupancy property level rent and vacancy historical time series data.
  • Time to Completion Summary Statistics:
    Derived from Reis's entire new construction project database that includes critical development milestones.
  • Market Supply, Demand and Rent Trends for Metropolitan Market and Submarkets:
    Enables measurement of property rent premium, vacancy differential and lease-up velocity.
  • Space and Capital Markets Time Series Data:
    Benchmark to industry-standard commercial real estate data-supply, demand, rent, cap-rates, NOI growth and property value growth.



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