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      Reis Portfolio CRE provides everything you need to evaluate and manage CRE loan portfolios.



      Reis Portfolio CRE is a loan-level portfolio analysis and risk surveillance tool that enables:

      • Credit Risk Analysis
      • Stress Testing
      • Benchmarking
      • Asset Valuation


      How can I quantify the risk in my CRE portfolio and deploy capital more efficiently?

      Managing commercial real estate debt portfolios has never been more complex. Stress testing and capital reserve requirements are more rigorous; macro-economic conditions and debt-structures are dynamic; local supply and demand conditions are ever-changing. Balancing these factors with a focus on growth and returns requires powerful portfolio and risk analytics. 


      There is no better tool to help you thrive in this environment than Reis Portfolio CRE

      Powered by the unrivaled commercial real estate market data and the cutting-edge analytics and technology of Reis, Reis Portfolio CRE addresses all of your portfolio management, credit risk and stress testing needs in a single solution.


      With Reis Portfolio CRE you will quickly and cost effectively be able to:

      • Quantify the magnitude and timing of default risk, from an individual loan to the full portfolio
      • Analyze stabilized property mortgages AND new construction loans pre and post origination
      • Apply the DFAST and CCAR stress test scenarios – out of the box – to report to regulators, see concentrations in your portfolio and offer a benchmark to internal models.


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