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      Conduct customized analyses and generate meaningful capital market trends and comparisons for sales transactions in your market(s)



      • Reis’s Transaction Analytics provide a customized read on historical, current, and forecasted capital market conditions and key measurements of sales transaction activity, including mean, median, and 12-month rolling cap rates, total sales price, price per unit or square foot, and total transaction volume
      • Reis Transaction Analytics users can refine their customized analysis by including only properties that meet specified sales transaction characteristics (price or cap rate), or physical characteristics (size, age or class)
      • Transaction Analytics is available for Reis's primary Apartment, Office, Retail, and Industrial markets from January 1, 2005 to the most recently published quarter.  Sales of two million dollars and greater are included.

      Property Type Coverage:

      • Office: Multi-family and single tenant properties
      • Apartment: Market rate rental properties
      • Retail: All property subtypes
      • Industrial: All property subtypes

      You can choose to run a metro specific analysis, compare metros and regions, or analyze the US and the regions that matter to you most.



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