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Reis Commercial Real Estate Comps

Three different types of property comparables to assist in your due diligence

For all published markets and sectors, Reis offers integrated sales, rent, and construction property comps.

real estate comps

Sales Comparables
We analyze the latest transactions in order to provide our clients with all of the information necessary to understand a sale, including price, closing date, buyer, seller, cap rates, and financing terms.  Armed with this data, commercial real estate professionals are able to make better decisions regarding a property’s current value. 
Find out more about Sales Comps.
Rent Comparables
Tracking property level performance data for competitive buildings in an area based on the location and other details of a subject property, these reports provide property-level rents and vacancies, as well as comp group summary statistics, including concessions, operating expenses, and lease terms. This information makes it easy to compare the performance of a subject property to the performance of its peers.  Find out more about Rent Comps
New Construction Comparables & Pipeline
We track new construction projects from the proposal and planning stages, through construction, to completion and stabilization.  Each week, our New Construction team updates findings to reflect both newly discovered projects, and status changes for projects already under surveillance. Specify your location of interest, and our comps module allows you to adjust your search criteria based on an expected completion date, size, and stage of construction.  Find out more about New Construction Comps.
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Our commercial real estate market information is available online, whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you’re interested in national access or a single local market, one property type or many, we offer flexible subscription options to fit your needs and budget.

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