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Custom Research and Advisory


CRE Collateral Data Optimization

Remediation and enrichment processes enable the estimation of incomplete/missing data, reconciliation of inconsistent and out-of-date data, and development of NOI and Value (and ultimately DSCR and LTV) time-series data.

  • Optimize internal collateral/loan data on historical and current exposures.
  • Employ more complete, accurate and consistent collateral data sets for loan-level modeling.
  • Benefit from larger data sets to specify and validate models, and process more loans through your existing model.

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Data Files for IPRE and ADC Model Development

Harness Reis's proprietary property-specific time series data on to-be-built and non-stabilized properties to quantify estimated vs. actual project construction timelines, along with property vacancies, rents and rent premiums through stabilization.

  • Produce projections of project construction periods, or estimate probabilities and magnitudes of delays relative to expected completion times.
  • Develop forecasts of lease up/stabilization velocities using both rents and occupancies.
  • Predict the timing of property deliveries and income stabilization events, and event timing distributions that may be translated into probabilities of default.

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Automated Data Feeds

Direct data feeds support high volume data requirements for modeling systems and portfolio solutions, as well clients who need aggregated customized reporting.

  • Available data feeds include rent, vacancy, market data, sales transactions, and GIS mapping files.
  • Automated data feed files available in all standard file formats.
Customized Reports
Time-sensitive, customized reports for use in investment analysis, equity and debt market assessments, and macro-economic trending, including:
  • Gross revenue volatility trends & forecasts.
  • Historical market data including multiple measures of supply, demand, rent and price (back to 1980).
  • Long-term cap rate trends & forecasts.
  • Customized comp group trends.
Custom Surveys

For nearly 40 years, Reis has deployed its survey methodology to gather and aggregate property data that is unmatched in scope and accuracy. Employ the speed and rigor of a custom survey team to gather a broad range of property information, including:

Updated rent and vacancy data for client-defined properties.
  • Market and property data beyond the standard Reis metropolitan areas.
  • Custom survey scripts (amenities, telecom access, demographics).
  • Specialized sales transactions analysis.
Advisory Services

Tap into Reis’s CRE expertise for advice on projects, guidance on the development of models, and counsel to ensure maximum return on any Reis custom products and services.

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