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The Leader in Retail Sector Data and Analysis

Reis is the go-to source for Retail market analysis

Reis provides unparalleled coverage of the retail market, a typically under-researched sector. We recognize that the retail sector is characterized by distinct niches, therefore, we generate separate findings for the neighborhood, community, and power center sectors. Reis covers Retail markets throughout the nation, collecting property-level structural information such as year built, year renovated, and size, as well as performance information such as rental and vacancy rates. In addition, Reis offers hard-to-find details about concessions and operating expenses, while also keeping an eye on potential competitive threats from forthcoming new supply. This data is rolled up into comparable group summary statistics as well as submarket and metro trends.

For each major metro, Reis offers market and submarket reports, including the Executive Briefing, and the Reis Observer.

At the property level, Reis offers a suite of integrated rent comps, sales comps, and new construction comps.

  • The Reis property survey team collects rental rates, vacancy information, tenant information, and lease terms for all retail properties.
  • Sales comps analysts gather all the information that is critical to understanding a sale including sale price, closing date, buyer, seller, cap rates and more.
  • Our supply-side team tracks planned, proposed, under construction and recently completed projects to gauge the potential impact of new supply on the competitive position of existing stock.


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