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Every Comp, Everywhere.

  • Reis’s sales comparables will help you answer the critical question of what similar properties have sold for as you make your investment, financial, brokering and other commercial real estate decisions.
  • Commercial real estate professionals are able to search the sales comps database to identify transactions that are relevant to their decisions.
  • Our reports provide up to 150 comparable properties, cap rate proforma and analysis.




All of the critical information to understand a sale:
  • Property level details
  • Operating expenses & NOI
  • Concessions
  • Effective rent revenue
  • Cap rate analysis proforma
View Sample Sales Comps Reports and Request a Free Report:
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Client Testimonials

I use Reis daily for my essential job functions. Whether it be a new deal, annual review, or potential markets to move into/stay out of, Reis provides the data we need to feel we understand the market. Great data, easy to use, great support.

- Rich Shulmistra, VP, Portfolio Manager at First Citizens Bank


I believe is REIS is a valuable tool and I place a great reliance on the data that's reported. REIS provides information necessary to formulate an opinion about the strength or weakness of any particular asset type or market we are considering. I also rely on REIS for comparable and historical sales to justify purchase price of the projects we are considering financing.

- Sylvia Szawrycka, Senior Real Estate Officer at Union Bank

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