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      Close Deals Faster

      As an investment sales broker, would you find it helpful to have immediate access to details of recent sales--including total price, price per unit or square foot, and cap rate--in order to justify a higher price for your selling client, or a lower bid from your buyer?  As a tenant representative broker, would you find it helpful to have immediate access to rent comparables reports that might help justify a lower rent and/or a higher tenant improvement allowance for your client?

      Whether you’re focused on commercial real estate sales, or on space leasing, Reis provides information that helps you get the deal across the finish line.

      Commercial Real Estate Brokers


      A system designed for investment sales and space leasing brokers

      With Reis, you’ll have fast access to the nation's best sales and rent comparables reports.  Our sales comparables reports detail the average price per unit or square foot, total price, cap rate, and buyer/seller information, while our rent comparables reports reveal asking and effective rents, vacancies rates, and structural details.  Both report types are available in combination, and within the context of market and submarket trends and forecasts.  In short, we deliver all the information you’ll need to quickly establish current conditions in the transaction market to support your assertions about fair value for the properties you represent. 


      Our reports help you close more deals

      Close deals faster by using Reis as your source for commercial property information and comparables, comprehensive market and submarket reviews, powerful analytic tools and critical economic insights. We provide the most objective, comprehensive, and trusted information available anywhere.


      Earn more commissions with Reis.

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