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Looking for forecasts of future metro or submarket performance?  How about details of other planned, proposed, and under construction properties in order to help decide the location and timing of your next project?  Need to know what features and amenities are required to ensure that your development competes successfully with existing stock, achieves stabilization on schedule, and leads to a favorable take-out loan?   

Without the right information you risk overlooking opportunities--and competitive risks--that can affect your bottom line.

Commercial Real Estate Developers

A system designed specifically for developers

Evaluate the income assumptions of a potential project by considering factors such as the location and expected class of the finished property, the performance of its peers, expected changes in market health, and any threat posed by similar new construction projects within a competitive radius. Our services facilitate decision making grounded in realistic assessments of future market potential. If you are looking for financing, you can be confident that the information you are using from Reis is also in use by the nation's leading lenders and financial institutions.   

Property level reports at your fingertips

Make better development decisions by using Reis as your source for commercial property information and comparables, comprehensive market and submarket reviews, powerful analytic tools and critical economic insights. We provide the most objective, comprehensive, and trusted information available anywhere.

Make better development plans with Reis.

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