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Need to evaluate the reasonableness of property-level income assumptions in a deal proposal?  How has the property performed relative to its peers?  What about the effect of new construction projects on your potential investment?  How about the expected performance differences among submarkets within your target metro?  Would reliable historical, current, and forecasted rent, vacancy, and inventory help to improve the accuracy of your market analysis?  Using the wrong source for this critical information can lead to bad investment decisions. 

commercial real estate investors

Analytics designed specifically for investors

By tracking the movement of supply and demand fundamentals over time at market and submarket levels, we deliver historical data and 5-year forecasts you can use to stay on top of all the macro-economic, market and property level factors that may influence the value of your properties – and the strength of your investments.

Armed with this information, you’ll gain a comprehensive perspective on both supply and demand performance, so you can be sure you’re working on the right deals at the right price.  Plus, you’ll be able to leverage our independent perspective on market data fundamentals to screen and validate underwriting assumptions and ensure the appropriate financial terms.

Property intelligence at your fingertips

Make better investment decisions by using Reis as your source for commercial property information and comparables, comprehensive market and submarket reviews, powerful analytic tools and critical economic insights. We provide the most objective, comprehensive, and trusted information available anywhere.

Make more profitable investments with Reis.

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