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Make the Right Loans

Need to evaluate the reasonableness of income projections, loan-to-value and debt-to-coverage ratios in the loan packet?  How about justifying and verifying loan assumptions or monitoring the performance of individual properties as well as market conditions for a loan portfolio?  You can’t do any of these without the right information.

Commercial Real Estate Lenders

A system designed specifically for lenders

By tracking the movement of supply and demand fundamentals over time both at market and submarket levels, we deliver historical data and 5-year forecasts to stay on top of all the macro-economic, market and property level factors that may influence the value and performance of the properties in your portfolio. 

Leveraging our data, you'll be able to keep on top of market rents and vacancy rates, as well as new construction activity that may impact future property performance.  We help lending professionals from banks, insurance companies, investment funds, CMBS and other institutions gain a comprehensive perspective on the ongoing health of their portfolios to effectively manage risk, ensure maximum portfolio performance, and comply with government regulations.

Market intelligence at your fingertips

Make better lending decisions by using Reis as your source for commercial property information and comparables, comprehensivemarket and submarket reviews, powerful analytic tools and critical economic insights. We provide the most objective, comprehensive, and trusted information available anywhere.

Make more profitable lending decisions with Reis.

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