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Analyze and Compare Submarkets to Prioritize Opportunities

What are the prospects for submarkets within a metro?

Our Submarket Reports provide data and trends to provide insights into specific submarkets or neighborhoods within a specific metro market.  Each report contains key data including:

  • Rent Details
  • Rent Growth Comparisons
  • Vacancy Details
  • Vacancy Rate Comparisons
  • Inventory Details
  • Inventory Growth
  • New Construction and Absorption Change
  • Economic and Demographic Trends
  • Submarket Narratives



Submarket delineations are based upon natural, man made and economic boundaries. As we have covered these areas for nearly 40 years, we are sensitive to the contiguous areas of real estate that tend to “move together” and attempt to delineate those areas for our individual submarket coverage.

Because our submarket boundaries may or may not be based upon actual city limits, we use street addresses to identify submarkets.  Our Submarket Lookup tool will identify the submarket that contains a particular address and will return a map of that submarket with the street borders listed.

Concession Data

One factor that sets us apart is concession information — often withheld by owners and brokers. For each competitive submarket in a metro area, our submarket reports present vital concession data, including:

    • Discount on market rents
    • Free rent period
    • Tenant improvements
    • Operating expenses
    • Length of lease term
    • Leasing commission


Download a sample Submarket Report.

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